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The Spot to Lunch (& Launch) in New Orleans

The Spot to Lunch (& Launch) in New Orleans

When we began planning the launch party for our website, there was never even a debate as to where it would be held. Of course it would be at Commander's Palace. This New Orleans staple embodies everything Fox Fête stands for; bringing people together for one helluva good time. Commander’s charm lies in its ability to marry lavish cuisine and southern hospitality. Yes, there is a dress code (kudos to maintaining standards) and with 6 James Beard Awards under its belt, they’ve certainly earned the right to be pompous, but Commander’s Palace is anything but.

Tabletop Party Decor

You can imagine how excited we were to throw our first flash fête in a private dining room upstairs. We draped the entire room in Fox Fête décor and the whole fox squad watched in awe as Executive Chef, Tory McPhail, presented our appetizers to us! Ok, so in case you don’t know, Chef Tory is a big deal. Like a BIG deal. Like a Sean Penn of the culinary world, big deal. (I started to type Johnny Depp, but Johnny hasn’t taken home an Oscar yet).

Ok look, we don’t specialize in culinary critiques but do yourself a favor and the next time you find yourself catching beads in New Orleans, make a reservation, show up, and order The Chef’s Playground. It takes all of the leg work out of selecting your menu, as the Kitchen Team has carefully selected it for you. Choose the optional wine pairing for an optimal experience. If you decide to go rogue and order off the menu on your own, be sure to cap your meal off with the Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé.

Beyond the famous blue-striped awning lies a unique blend of charm, tradition, and that New Orleans energy we all know and love. From the 25 cent lunchtime martinis to the weekend jazz band brunch, there is always an excuse to pop in. For as long as I can remember Commander’s has topped our list for celebratory spots from birthdays to date night.    

Delicious cuisine aside, the history of Commander’s Palace gives reason to visit alone. Just last year Miss Ella of Commander’s Palace was published, an autobiography on Ella Brennan, the restauranteur who dons Commander’s as her crowning achievement. She subtitled her book, “I don’t want a restaurant where a jazz band can’t come marching through.” And that is how I know I love her. Miss Ella was born in 1925 and her tales of growing up through Depression-era Nola are captivating and inspiring. I’m on the third chapter of her book as this post is published.

Oh! And one last reco, book the Chef’s Table for your next birthday, like 2018 birthday. Because it's probably already booked for your day this year. We had the opportunity to tour the kitchen and get a view of this sweet set up. The Chef’s Table is a u-shaped booth inside the kitchen facing all of the action. It can only be reserved for a Party of Four and it is literally the hottest table in the city, sure to be an experience. We’ll let you know come this September. ;)

 To local flavor and turtle soup. Cheers! xo 

Commander's Palace Party

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